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Do you want to become a part of technological transformation and influence the modern world around you with your skills?

You are in the right place! Explore the world of technology with us and enable the creation of digital transformations in the modern world.   Be part of the team of experts in charge of improving the business of the world’s leading brands, through the development of web and mobile applications, giving them a technological […]

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Why is our job important?

“We are all one big body – and I am part of that body – as an organ. I am a programming authority. The analogy with the body for the reason that each organ has its special role. The eye can’t tell the hand that it doesn’t need it, or vice versa “. – Marko […]

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Digital nomads – new normal?

Lately, we have been seeing the term “digital nomad” more and more often. It is a delusion if we think that these are just bloggers who travel to exotic places, click a couple of times on the computer, and earn millions overnight. A digital nomad is also one who simply works from home online. At […]

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Knowledge-sharing: Work order management tool in AWS technology

Two weeks ago, we discussed the values ​​of our company that stood out during informal discussions with colleagues within our team. Some of the values ​​that have caught our attention are advancement, improvement, and knowledge-sharing and this has motivated us to design and organize a series of workshops and webinars. Frequent research and constant improvement […]

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Workshops & Knowledge-sharing

  We felt the need to support the vision and shape the culture of our company through informal discussions with colleagues at Simple Task. The goal was to define the purpose, improve team cohesion and create a sense of commitment in the workplace. Keeping clear values ​​that will help us ensure that our colleagues work […]

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World Students Day – from internship to scholarship

Students are the future. These are the people and the minds that are going to take our countries forward. No matter their background or their field of study, we should always celebrate those who want to further their knowledge, with a lot of students going to great lengths to do so.  As the International Student […]

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Leading an international team – The beauty of it and the wonders

During October, one of our Senior Java Developers went on a trip to Rome, Italy. He went to work on a huge project with an international team that we are taking over. We asked him to share his insights regarding the challenges he faced during his time in Italy. Keep reading to find out what […]

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Simple Task Tech Team and Tatoshi Wallet MeetUp Journey

The Crypto Valley Week that has just ended in the week behind us presented series of high-level blockchain events designed to showcase the Swiss blockchain ecosystem as one of the leading Blockchain innovation and investment eco-systems in the world. For the very reason, our Tech Team that helped develop the Tatoshi app travelled to Zurich […]

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Gamification: Making Work Fun

Have you ever tried to set your own record time while working on a boring task? To do more in a half-an-hour session? Did you try any of productivity apps that use gamification as a means to improve learning and other daily tasks?   Some of these professionally gamified products turn a task into a […]

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Knowledge sharing – Frontend workshop

Should I be using Flexbox or floats? What about these newer methods such as Grid and Shapes? These questions and many more are the subjects of a workshop called ‘CSS Layout positioning’ held within Simple Task in May by our colleague Nikola Lovic. Nikola has extensive knowledge in techniques that developers use to write, scale, […]

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