Do you want to become a part of technological transformation and influence the modern world around you with your skills?

You are in the right place!

Explore the world of technology with us and enable the creation of digital transformations in the modern world.


Be part of the team of experts in charge of improving the business of the world’s leading brands, through the development of web and mobile applications, giving them a technological advantage in the market.


You will have the opportunity to turn the visions of the most current startups into technological innovations, by participating in Greenfield projects, from the initial idea to the final product.


Become a wider part of the client’s international team, who will entrust the development of his concept to technical experts to carry out his idea to the end. Take the opportunity to work in an international environment, where you will exchange valuable experiences with the teams of our partner companies.


The journey through the virtual world of Blockchain, Flutter, Microservices, and other latest technologies is easier to follow under the guidance of our experts.

Create larger, more complex applications as a combination of smaller services that work cohesively together – using microservices!

We have recognized that the microservice architecture provides a unique business capability. We will replace monolithic applications and architecture with a successful approach to microservices, proving that there are several ways to build software and technological solutions.


Explore the world of Blockchain technology!

Participate directly in the process of developing this revolutionary technology in various aspects of business and create innovative blockchain solutions. Become part of our highly qualified team of this progressive technological advancement.


Thinking about working with the Flutter technology that everyone is talking about today?

Join our team that has more than 10 years of active work experience on over 30 mobile application development projects and allow them to guide you through the entire development process. Based on previous experience related to Flutter technology, Flutter has proven to be the best tool for the development of hybrid mobile applications. See for yourself why the Flutter developer community is growing day by day!


Our work that has come to life in everyday use

If you want to get to know our work in more detail, look at what tools help us achieve our goals, in which areas of business you will have the opportunity to develop, but above all if you want to explore teams that fit into your skills – scroll down and take a peek into our brochure.

Achievements wouldn’t be called achievements without cooperation from all teams and transferring knowledge that we gained together through all our work.

You will not be alone in the process of learning new technologies and skills.


Frequent research and continuous improvement during many Simple Task projects have strengthened our deeper understanding of different skills and technologies and we are happy to share them in a team.


Demonstrating knowledge in various forms of webinars, technical blogs or just being available when a colleague needs help is something you can always count on.

See what motivated our colleague Marko to become a lecturer at a webinar on AWS architecture?


“Most of today’s applications were developed using cloud technologies, including the one I am currently working on, so the idea was to organize this webinar where I would share ideas and knowledge in this area with colleagues. The goal is to show how a combination of different cloud technologies (services) can manage one complex system. The platform I am working on today numbers dozens of American companies and has proven to be a very successful project that strives for further training and development. “

Along with Marko, there are many more of us in the company who can educate you in various fields and share with us our top technological knowledge.

In addition to knowledge, it is important for us that each member of our team is collegial, proactive, likes to share knowledge and likes to acquire it, to communicate openly, and to enjoy what he does.


Which three words would you choose to describe the Simple Task company? – Collegial, transparent, goal-oriented – Ana


Why is your job important? – “My work is most visible when the final product makes life easier for end-users. I influence that with my ideas and realization. E.g. Bitcoin – now digital money users can trade cryptocurrencies without fear. – Robert


What values ​​describe our company? – Culture of support and growth, proactivity, and motivation for improvement. – Milana


What makes us different? – “We are small enough that the atmosphere in the company is almost family and friendly (almost everyone knows each other, especially before the pandemic), and yet we are big enough to be able to accept larger projects that need to be worked on by more colleagues with different experiences and skills.” – Srdjan

If you are already at the end of this text and feel that we share the same values, then you are certainly interested in becoming part of our team.

We made it easy for you and wrote what the application and selection process looks like step by step, and you can find it in this brochure.


We are waiting for you in the Simple Task team! 🙂

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