Simple Task Tech Team and Tatoshi Wallet MeetUp Journey

The Crypto Valley Week that has just ended in the week behind us presented series of high-level blockchain events designed to showcase the Swiss blockchain ecosystem as one of the leading Blockchain innovation and investment eco-systems in the world.

For the very reason, our Tech Team that helped develop the Tatoshi app travelled to Zurich to join its founder Tobias Kress and be part of one of the highlighted events during the Crypto Valley Week. Tatoshi Wallet was one of the four sponsors of Bitcoin-Meetup that took place in Zurich. This amazing meetup presented a mind-blowing discussion by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, one of the world’s foremost bitcoin and open blockchain experts, and his enlightening speech about Future of Programmable Money and Pamela Morgan, an educator, entrepreneur, author, and attorney who has been working exclusively with bitcoin and open blockchains since early 2014, talking about Crypto Asset Inheritance Planning.

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Bitcoin Meetup in Zurich was the place to be for all unique and inspiring researchers, investors, startup founders, business owners, entrepreneurs as well as Blockchain and Bitcoin enthusiasts. Anyone who has a passion for Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO’s should not have missed it.