Knowledge-sharing: Work order management tool in AWS technology

Two weeks ago, we discussed the values ​​of our company that stood out during informal discussions with colleagues within our team. Some of the values ​​that have caught our attention are advancement, improvement, and knowledge-sharing and this has motivated us to design and organize a series of workshops and webinars.

Frequent research and constant improvement of skills during many projects in Simple Task have strengthened our deeper understanding of AWS technology. Based on the interest in this topic within our team, we wanted to give our colleagues the opportunity to learn from more experienced colleagues in that field, who demonstrated some useful tools and tricks.

That way we also encouraged the improvement of cohesion, a sense of independence, and initiative.

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The main goal of the webinar was to expand knowledge in the field of AWS as well as the visual presentation of data through map services. In the webinar itself, our colleague Marko presented solutions for managing large amounts of data, the security of the data itself, optimization of map services that display that data, as well as the way companies use our platform to plan their projects.


When we asked him to tell us more about the project itself, here is what he replied:


Everything starts from a vision. That’s how we got connected with a start-up company from the US and started a project in which we are turning their vision into reality. 

The project is based on a work order management system and we can describe it as a purpose-built digital platform for utility mass survey, deployment, and exchange projects in the electric, water, gas, and clean energy markets. 

Our main focus is optimizing map services that display this data as well as the way companies use our platform to plan their projects.

After two years the platform has experienced many changes and adapted to customer needs.


On the webinar, you shared your experience of how you had a chance to try out different tools during the project. Can you tell us more about it?


The client came upon the brilliant idea to create a so-called “playground” account, where developers could test potential tools. From resources to utility tools. When working on a complex system, it was very useful having the “playground” to test and find the best combination of different cloud technologies that can manage it.

When it comes to maps, there are many non-optimized solutions that we came across during the process, especially for companies that have half a million data. We found a useful tool called “Mapbox” that is automated and can render millions of data, without any performance issues.

We have used various services to map company data to tables in databases, but it always turns out to be a complicated solution that consumes too many resources. In the absence of the right tools, we created our custom mapping solution.


Source: www.unsplash.com

Source: www.unsplash.com

What did you learn during the whole process and what are the reasons why you chose AWS technology for this project?

We chose AWS for this project for several reasons: 

The platform we are working on today counts dozens of US companies and has proven to be a very successful project that seeks to be further improved and perfected.

The organization of the next webinar is in progress, in which we will deal more with some React features. Stay tuned!