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Nivo and Simple Task – story about a beautiful friendship …

In spring 2014, two business guys from New York, Romain and Julian, decided to start their own business. Both being sports fans, their idea was to create a video platform where people would upload their sports recordings . But, they needed a development team to create the video sharing platform for them. Luckily, they have met Simple Task and that’s how Nivo was born.

They made their first steps in April 2014 – they got the prototype ready, got the finances, the team, and got started. The long story short, Nivo was on the App Store in March 2015. It took them eleven months to cross the road from the idea to the market. From the first version of Nivo to the version where they are today, there were a lot of changes, in order to satisfy the most of their customers.

Nivo covers the entire sport scene, but it is maybe more suitable for visually appealing sports and individual performance, such as snowboarding, BMX riding, surfing or anything else. But, in general, Nivo is open to everybody, to all sports, all ages, from everywhere, at the same time.

One might say that Nivo is similar to YouTube, but there are several differences between them. On YouTube, it’s hard to find all those videos on mobile phones, and we are mobile natives, and nowadays, consumption of videos is higher on mobiles than on computers.

The next difference is that Nivo is specialised in sports so the customers just need to choose their channel, and they have a bunch of cool videos for the chosen sport only, and not some other weird video suggestions, not related to their search. In general, Nivo is offering much better user experience to the audience.

The biggest success with Nivo was identifying and finding a sports based niche and then creating a product with a strong identity and powerful DNA. Nothing of that would be possible without building a reliable team (technical team in Simple Task and the founding team). The technical team from Simple Task was very keen to help with the Nivo application, and together, they created the first version from scratch.

Romain and Julian say that Simple Task is a great partner to have, and that the highest value that Simple Task gives them is flexibility. It’s not just a great technical team, they also offer big help in planning and setting milestones. Whenever they need Simple Task team, they are there, with variable, not fixed cost, so it’s a great outsourcing model that worked really great for them.

They say they would really recommend Simple Task because it’s a great balance between an experienced team and affordable talent. They have people who are dedicated, talented, and that have relevant experience for a reasonable price.