Why is our job important?

“We are all one big body – and I am part of that body – as an organ. I am a programming authority. The analogy with the body for the reason that each organ has its special role. The eye can’t tell the hand that it doesn’t need it, or vice versa “. – Marko


This is how our colleague Marko begins his story when asked why his job is important and what his purpose is in the whole system. But that is just one of the analogies that our colleagues shared during informal discussions about the ideals that our company nourishes.


Selection of colleagues – as one of our main principles


“People are the biggest resource of a company, and my role is to enable them to progress professionally and give new people the opportunity to work. Choosing future employees who will respect the company’s values ​​is also one of the important tasks. Besides, I am here to help create a harmonious and pleasant working environment “, shared with us a colleague Ana from the HR department, stating that careful selection of employees, who share our ideals, is key in creating teams with high performance.


Team organization – as the pillar of the company


Teamwork within a company is important because of the synergy of problem-solving gained from multiple minds working on a solution. That is why the work and responsibilities of our colleague Milana never depend on the work of one person, but on the entire team, and success and growth depend on the quality functioning of the team. Her most important role is to make sure that the tasks, organization, and goals are harmonized. To function as one coherent whole, one big team. Also, one of the roles is to synchronize talents and goals – to follow the personal and professional development of each employee – to plan projects by their expectations and competencies.


Meaningful work – how do we impact 


In our company, we encourage independence on projects as well as direct communication with clients so that each of our colleagues understands how they can improve their business with associates through their dedicated work. This creates additional motivation in the team, and a solution is reached faster and more efficiently.


Automation – how to make people’s everyday life easier


As the pandemic has accelerated the corporate use of automation and increased digital demands, our colleagues see automation as one of the purposes of their position, which will make everyday life easier. Making everyday life easier means replacing manual work and providing people with a more comfortable environment, while they will have time to dedicate to some higher goals, such as family and friends.


Successful technical implementation – as the result of a functional system


Technical implementation, improvement of the mobile and web business, and adaptation of the application to users are the result of all the above-mentioned ideals and postulates that intertwine and need to be harmonized for them to become a functional system in which each individual has an important role.


Knowledge-sharing – as the greatest value


On the other hand, mutual knowledge-sharing and constant improvement is something to which we attach great value, as one of the main principles on which our organization is based. From online webinars to soft skills workshops, we strive for everyone’s role to leave a mark in our system. 


But what we are especially proud of is the fact that some fellow interns have developed into scholarship holders, and eventually mentors to some future generations. In Simple Task, mentoring is a motivating task, where colleagues have the opportunity to help someone whose shoes they have already been in.


The purpose of an organization is to enable its employees to fully find meaning and point in their work. To create, to grow, and to feel that their role is key to achieving goals and important for the well-being of the world around them. And we think we have succeeded so far.