World Students Day – from internship to scholarship

Students are the future. These are the people and the minds that are going to take our countries forward. No matter their background or their field of study, we should always celebrate those who want to further their knowledge, with a lot of students going to great lengths to do so. 

As the International Student Day approaches on October 15th, we wanted to share with you in more detail the application, selection and internship process. We decided to make it easier for you when it comes to choosing a company where you could gain experience in the IT industry and potentially build a future career. 

Students asked we answer:


5 reasons to choose Simple Task for your internship:

At our company, we strive to offer a supportive and friendly work environment with a culture of learning. We are committed to developing our team, taking care that all members have an important and challenging job. 


It is intended for final year students in the field of Information Technology at the Faculty of Science or the Faculty of Technical Sciences.


The internship lasts 4 weeks, 8 working hours per day, from Monday to Friday. We tend to organize small groups of 3 to 4 students, for the internship to be interactive, so that everyone has the opportunity to express their ideas and skills.


Due to the global changes around us, we decided to take all protective measures, so we organized a remote internship with the presence and support of a mentor.


A group of interns is assigned an experienced mentor, who is in charge of guiding them through the whole process and accompanying their work but also to provide support, both technical and theoretical.

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 After you send us your application to intern@simple-task.com (with the note: for remote internship), we will carefully consider your CV. If your qualifications meet our criteria, we will invite you to an initial interview with HR. Then follows a technical test and you have 24 hours to solve the task. If you pass the test, we will invite you to an internship.


 Our team will carefully plan the projects and tasks that the interns will work on. The projects that are usually worked on are based on the development of smaller applications or functionalities. The group will have the opportunity to independently develop the application in accordance with the Scrum methodology. 

It will then show all the knowledge gained during the internship in the form of a demo. Upon completion of the internship, interns will receive detailed technical feedback and guidelines for professional development.


We always try to make the application high quality and useful and at the same time to be written in code that can be used later again. Interns have had so far the opportunity to develop an application for the humanitarian organization “Heart”, an HR tool for interviewing and testing, then an application for monitoring working hours & activities and an application for ordering food.


 The technologies most commonly used in the internship are Java (in the Spring framework) and C # on the Backend and Angular or React on the Frontend. If you have never worked on one of them, here you will have the opportunity to learn or practice it.


The internship is done without financial compensation.


We are a company that encourages young talents and invests in their development. That is why the interns who stand out the most with their knowledge and commitment during the internship will have a chance to become our scholarship holders. 

We offer the perfect balance between your college obligations and employment. 

In a brochure we have put together for you, we present the experiences of our current colleagues, who started as interns, then scholarship holders, and eventually even became mentors. 

You can view the brochure on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram profiles, or check the ad for internship on NajStudent page.