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FieldBook and Simple Task

We appreciate our clients and we tend to satisfy all their technical demands, but first of all, to keep the good communication. We ask questions, listen their demands and wishes, support their ideas and bring them to life.   

One of our projects is FieldBook, and we will share our experience with you. We spoke with Duško Marinković, one of the founders of FieldBook, about the idea and its realization, some future goals and plans and his thoughts about collaboration with Simple Task.

Fieldbook represents a cloud based solution for all agricultural producers that want to stay in track with the use of modern technologies in order to improve their business and production. This program keeps track of all operations that are performed in crop production on agricultural goods and farms. It provides analytics of all entered data and advices and consultancy services from renowned experts in agricultural production.

Back in 2009, a group of agricultural researchers and technologists had an idea how to set a little bit more order in the primary production in agriculture. That was the initial  idea, and their motivation was to help agricultural producers, try to suppress low yields and  increase the profit from the production.

Duško told us something more about the whole process of development. They first collaborated with some other companies, but the whole process was sometimes slow and hard. In 2014, he met  the team of Simple Task, through some close friends from the previous company he worked for. Soon, the partnership started, and the rest of the story is history.

Many producers in agriculture make various decisions based on some old templates, or recommendations from people who do not are not experienced enough. Often, they don’t see the importance of keeping track with all the operations and the data analysis in their production.

The fact is that, following the previous and historical data, you can predict some next steps of production. The history repeats itself, as you know. The producers also need to pay attention on the climatic conditions and the natural changes in our region, and their impact on yields.

The significance of FieldBook is huge and it brings many benefits. For example, for all european projects and reaching the production standards, producers need to keep records and reports about their business.

Duško is satisfied with the development of the project, but still, the biggest obstacle is the low interest of the agricultural producers. But, the whole team is working on some future plans to remove the obstacles and improve the whole story called FieldBook.

One of the plans is to make some campaigns that will educate users about the ways how they can improve their production and the benefits that FieldBook brings. Duško says that they have the intention to collaborate with some larger agricultural properties and experts, who understand the importance of the whole process, and they can also serve as a good reference to other users.

Also, in the future, they will work more with the development of the Fertilization Adviser App. It’s a part of the programme, which deals with soil testing and samples, importance of minerals and usage of fertilizers, and also it gives some useful advices and recommendations created by experts from the  agricultural research team.

Duško says that the highest value that Simple Task is providing them is a good communication, and the possibility to make an agreement when it comes to everything. It’s a company that has  great technical team and high quality employees. We have collaborated for a long time, and made progress together.