About the client

Castel is a luxury textile brand. They source the highest quality fabrics from mills all over the world to create luxury collections. Their focus was on building close relationships with clients and customers, as well as with suppliers and courier companies. In order to improve and deliver incredible services and excellent customer care, they decided to use the advantages new technologies had to offer. This is where the story of our successful collaboration began

About the project

The name of the project is “Le sens du luxe”, and it represents a Luxury fabric e-Commerce. Simple Task changed the existing e-commerce website working both on Backend and Front-end, including maintenance and hosting. We also worked on UI/UX and on the creation of a bulk order.

Castel Maison is an ever-growing company with incredible ideas, both in the business of interior design and in the textile industry. We are sincerely grateful to have the chance to be such an important part of this project.