Knowledge sharing – Frontend workshop

Should I be using Flexbox or floats? What about these newer methods such as Grid and Shapes?

These questions and many more are the subjects of a workshop called ‘CSS Layout positioning’ held within Simple Task in May by our colleague Nikola Lovic. Nikola has extensive knowledge in techniques that developers use to write, scale, and manage large CSS projects and CSS architecture.


The majority of the information this workshop is covering was gained through our work on different projects and the gradual realization of what works best. I wanted to share my experience with colleagues and point them toward some good practices and draw their attention to details that can make a big difference in Frontend performance’ – Nikola Lovic


The workshop is designed to facilitate developers and empower them to use the right tools to save time and effort, and allow them to assess the best fit for any project, rather than leaning on them to support a lack of CSS knowledge. We’re supercharging our Frontend team skills by learning from and building real projects. Knowledge sharing and mentorship provide support, encouragement and constructive criticism while providing an inspiring example to follow.


This workshop continues the Simple Task tradition of joint efforts, teamwork and knowledge sharing