Gamification: Making Work Fun

Have you ever tried to set your own record time while working on a boring task? To do more in a half-an-hour session? Did you try any of productivity apps that use gamification as a means to improve learning and other daily tasks?


Some of these professionally gamified products turn a task into a game to motivate yourself to finish it. Forest app helps you stay focused, fight the addiction to technology and save the planet. SuperBetter helps build resilience, the ability to stay strong, motivated and optimistic even in the face of change and difficult challenges. Or take Duolingo, an app for learning languages that best represents the combination of gamification and learning.


For some time now companies and people started including gamification elements into a workplace context. Some of the core company culture values such as teamwork, productivity, motivation and personal achievement are encouraged through game-like activities. Even more, it helps improve employee efficacy, as well as fulfilling one’s inherent desire for personal growth by achieving some kind of competence.


This spring we decided to engage members of ST team to set personal goals of their own choice and follow the accomplishment by making tasks visible to other players through the provided leaderboard. This way we have induced a friendly competition and added motivation. Rewards include points, achievement badges, the filling of a progress bar whenever a new level of personal achievement is reached.


More than 80% of employees eagerly accepted the idea and the initiative to follow through their set goals throughout these past couple months. The game is still on and the stakes are getting higher 🙂 We will keep you informed about the outcome and accomplishments of our dear colleagues.