• Event Ticket Venue Management Software

    Product : Event Ticket Venue Management Software simplifies the purchase of tickets. The system is easy to use and it’s permanently accessible. The application is accompanied by a detailed instruction manual for users that are less skilled at using modern technologies.

    System offers you three options for the purchase of tickets:
    • Ticket sets for all concerts in the regular season
    • Tickets for separate concert cycles (one or more, out of the total of five cycles)
    • Tickets for individual concerts.
    Also, there are three payment methods which are accepted when buying tickets:
    • Cash on delivery – courier service
    If you select the option “I want delivery by courier service” and fill in the delivery details when making the reservation, you will receive an e-mail containing all the details concerning the sending and receipt of tickets.
    • By bank transfer (an ordinary payment order)
    You will receive an e-mail with a payment order form containing the required payment details. The payment may be made at a post office, a bank, or by e-banking.
    • Online, by a payment card (MasterCard, Visa..)

  • AgroCentric / Agriculture Yield Improvement Software - FieldBook

    If you are an agricultural producer interested in reduction of the cost of agricultural production, in getting PREMIUM price for your products and in having full insight into what’s happening on your fields – this is the right product for you! Product : FieldBook is a cloud based solution, that provides you evidence for completed work, complete analytics of entered data and consultancy from renowned experts in agricultural production. FieldBook provides the most detailed and specialized field registry that is available on the market to date. This specialization to crop production and this level of details gives our application competitive advantage to integrate into Dynamic Network of Applications that work together to provide enhanced productivity of farms (maximizing yield, reducing cost of production, guaranteeing premium price for crops). FieldBook is composed of four distinct apps (applications) that address a specific need of this industry: * FieldBook App To land and agriculture, FieldBook is what “Online Medical Records” are for people and doctors. It provides universally accessible, digital, shareable, accurate access to a field’s history. * FertilizationAdviser App This platform leverages upon the data from FieldBook and provides fertilizer recommendation for a field, based upon its FieldBook history. The recommendations are generated from timetested, peer-reviewed and advanced software models created by our agricultural research team. * AgroCoach App This is a platform where the farmers can tap into the expertise of local researchers and experts all across Europe with the ease of use of a social network. * AgroWarning App As per agricultural research advanced prediction of inclement weather formation and quick reaction to them through risk mitigation measure can greatly reduce the financial impact of these adverse weather conditions.

    We offer solution:
    • that will cut your costs and increase your income
    • that will help you produce food to the highest standards (ISCC, GlobalGAP),and it provides you report to prove it, and as a consequence it allows you placement of products into new markets
    • that will advise you on quantity and formula of mineral fertilizers that should be applied, based on soil analysis by using the module for making recommendations
    • that will provide you advisory services of renowned experts in agricultural production
    • that will create and send you “Agro-warnings” related to the occurrence of various diseases and pests and optimal deadlines for the execution of certain agricultural practices
    • that will differentiate you among other producers
    • that will enable you to fulfill legal obligations
    • that will make you socially responsible

    This project originated from sincere, passionate and pragmatic collaboration between agricultural researchers and technologists. Our team has been involved in both in agricultural research and agricultural technology for over two decades now. We attempted to take a bottom up approach to problems by engaging farmers in our research, identifying sources of bottlenecks and errors, modelling solutions using more simple technologies at an individual level and finally building software solutions from these prototypes that are both generic and scalable.

  • Parking Ticket Reservation Software

    Product : We proudly present you a software system designed for parking services in country and abroad, which, in a modern way, makes possible parking payments and control of open parking spots.

    The system consists of three parts:
    • Modules for paying parking by mobile phone (by sending SMS)
    • Module for reporting and administration of entire system
    • Client application for easy work of controliers.

    This system enables a simple process of payment and control, charging by SMS over all mobile operators in your country and abroad, specifically for each city (zones, tolerances, limitations), equivalent use of SMS, scratch card and other payment methods, tracking serial numbers for scratch card and other alternative payment methods to prevent fraud, central processing, surveillance and analyses of data.

    Implementation of ePark application for paying parking by sms and various other payment methods. The application is implemented by using following technologies PHP(CakePHP) and .NET on windows mobile devices. Communications between a mobile application and a PHP app on server is implemented over SHTTP protocol.

  • Vcard Ecommerce Upsell Software

    Product: Vcard Ecommerce Upsell Software is a really powerful tool for eCommerce website owners. Also, it is one of the best marketing programs in your online Magento store. It is a perfect solution if you want something creative and unusual for your e-shop.Vcard extension will make the shopping more interesting, both for you and your customers.

    The logic of the software goes like this :
    • After placing an order, the sender receives an email with a QR Code and a link to the bouquet’s inbox page
    • Sender scans the QR/Clicks link and lands on inbox page
    • Sender records a message
    • Sender records recipient’s email and phone number where we can text or email the link to the inbox page
    • Recipient scans a QR code on the physical card, or clicks on a link in an email received once order is marked as delivered
    • Recipient reviews message content
    • When Recipient reviews any content for the 1st time, the Sender receives an email notification
    • Recipient can become sender by hitting “Reply”

    Sounds good?
    Then call us immediately to improve your e-shop and to experience online shopping with more fun!