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Coffee with the client – Samazing

Advantages of Nearshoring It’s no secret that nearshoring is the new offshoring. After successfully completing phase one in developing his brand new mobile application (undisclosed), last week our dear client Sam Fischer came to visit us from Switzerland for the planning of phase two. In this case, the client was the one who insisted on […]

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Leading an international team – The beauty of it and the wonders

During October, one of our Senior Java Developers went on a trip to Rome, Italy. He went to work on a huge project with an international team that we are taking over. We asked him to share his insights regarding the challenges he faced during his time in Italy. Keep reading to find out what […]

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Simple Task Tech Team and Tatoshi Wallet MeetUp Journey

The Crypto Valley Week that has just ended in the week behind us presented series of high-level blockchain events designed to showcase the Swiss blockchain ecosystem as one of the leading Blockchain innovation and investment eco-systems in the world. For the very reason, our Tech Team that helped develop the Tatoshi app travelled to Zurich […]

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Gamification: Making Work Fun

Have you ever tried to set your own record time while working on a boring task? To do more in a half-an-hour session? Did you try any of productivity apps that use gamification as a means to improve learning and other daily tasks?   Some of these professionally gamified products turn a task into a […]

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Knowledge sharing – Frontend workshop

Should I be using Flexbox or floats? What about these newer methods such as Grid and Shapes? These questions and many more are the subjects of a workshop called ‘CSS Layout positioning’ held within Simple Task in May by our colleague Nikola Lovic. Nikola has extensive knowledge in techniques that developers use to write, scale, […]

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PetzVacay selected to compete in World’s Biggest Startup Competition in Emerging Markets

We are proud to announce that our MVP startup Petz Vacay has been selected as one of the best seed-stage startups in Novi Sad and have a chance to become the Seedstars Novi Sad Winner. The best startups from Novi Sad are invited for a 4-hour long training and compete to be crowned the most […]

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DigitalK 2019 – leading CEE technology event

This week our CEO attends Digital Talk 2019 Conference taking place at Sofia Event Center, Bulgaria. Among the top 10 digital events in Europe, DigitalК is a must gathering for C-level business professionals, inspiring entrepreneurs and owners of various scale companies. Today was an awesome start of the first day of the conference with inspirational […]

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The first Bitcoin Wallet with a Private Key Recovery

Simple Task is excited to announce the launch of the Tatoshi Wallet, a wallet solution for Bitcoin. This crypto network is a unique bitcoin solution, that our tech team helped develop from scratch. Over one year period, we have faced numerous challenges but succeeded in building this innovative solution in accordance with all legal norms. […]

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Remote Tech Teams – 4 Steps to Help You Reach Success

There are different reasons why companies decide to hire remote tech teams, and this trend keeps giving great results. So, let’s say you would like to try it out but how will you approach this issue? First of all, you need to make sure you know what you need. When you know the specifics, and […]

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Kraft Info app

Watch out beer-lovers! I think that we’ve mentioned like a million times by now how much we appreciate youthful and creative ideas here at Simple Task. Well, one of our developers got creative, so he started working on his own little project. He developed a mobile app inspired by his love for craft beer. As […]

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Simple Task – a Teaching company

A story about a boy with a toy turning into a man with a robot   As you probably know by now, Simple Task is a relatively small company and some of you may consider that as a minus, but we most definitely don’t! For us, small means that all of us have an opportunity […]

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Batch processing in Hibernate – Java’s ORM

Developers are often facing the problem of inserting large data, so this article could help them to
see the ways how to do it in proper way in order to avoid common-mistakes.

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Anonymous functions, callbacks and chaining essentials in JS

Anonymous functions are functions that are dynamically declared at runtime.

They’re called anonymous functions because they aren’t given a name in the same way as normal functions.

Because functions are first-class objects, […]

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Private Composer repository with Satis – Part 1

Everyone in PHP world knows what Packagist is. Whenever you need to pull some PHP library with composer, you’ll probably pull it from Packagist. But, what to do with your code that shouldn’t be publicly available? Something reusable, private, and self-hosted? You can pay for private Packagist, but if you already have your own infrastructure, […]

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It’s not just fabrics – it’s more than that…

Castel is a luxury textile brand founded in 2000 by Stephane Silverman. Castel brings a fresh approach in the industry, and has its own classically chic style, recognized all over the world, followed by collections of highest quality fabrics.
Castel lines and fabrics are recognizes between the competition, and Simple Task helped them in the process.

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Fieldbook – your assistant in agriculture production

Simple Task’s team has created many custom applications, using various technologies, to fulfill our client’s needs and desires. Besides that, we have worked on some software solutions on our own. One of them is Fieldbook.

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2nd anniversary in Simple Task – Miloš Zbiljić

We are proud to present you our dear colleague – Miloš Zbiljić. Straight from Dorćol to our office, today is the 2nd anniversary that he is a part of Simple Task! Congrats! Here’s a short story about him, a developer who always has cool socks and a big smile on his face.

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ODOO Stripe Credit Card payment Integration

Are you using Odoo to optimize your daily business activities? Do you use Stripe to collect payments?
If the answer to both questions is YES, then you are in need for Odoo Stripe Credit Cards payment integration!

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Nivo and Simple Task – story about a beautiful friendship

Sometime in spring 2014 two guys from New York Romain and Julian, decided to start their own business. Both being sports fans, it was logical to create a video platform where people would upload their sports recordings. And the idea about Nivo was born.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Magneto as Your E-Commerce Platform

Have we convinced you? If you still have your doubts about whether or not to use Magento to build your web store, you are welcome to get in touch with us. We will help you make your decision and show you why we love Magento so much!

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