Ode à la rose

About the client

Olivier and Louis are the founders of Ode à la Rose. Every time when needed, back in Paris, they turned to roses when words weren’t quite enough. But, they found out that, in New York, the roses don’t have the same magic. Something was missing. So they come up to idea, and that’s how we have Ode à la rose!
They started with some simple collection of premium rose bouquets, and spreaded their company with many new ideas and offers, but all in same spirit, elegence and French inspired designs, and high flower quality.

About the project

Simple Task created a user friendly app with integrated messaging platform to give consumers a new way to send and receive floral arrangements. The app serves as a medium between parties sending and receiving flowers, allowing a more personal online gifting experience.
Using the new platform, Ode a la Rose and Simple Task easily built a mobile marketing app that allowed the company to receive orders and collect some analytics information that could be measured later. In the same time, it allows customers to have more interaction through the use of videos and to have the possibility to order individualized bouquets.

Technology used:

– iOS and Android Development
– Live video and audio streaming
– 1 to 1 private chat platform
– QR Code

Link : https://www.odealarose.com/