The first Bitcoin Wallet with a Private Key Recovery

Simple Task is excited to announce the launch of the Tatoshi Wallet, a wallet solution for Bitcoin. This crypto network is a unique bitcoin solution, that our tech team helped develop from scratch.

Over one year period, we have faced numerous challenges but succeeded in building this innovative solution in accordance with all legal norms. Tatoshi Wallet provides a high-security standard and convenient usability by being first secure and easy to use wallet. Its system does not provide a single point of attack for hackers. Also, it allows users to recover functionalities and restore lost bitcoin, in case of losing the wallet (phone). In addition to all this, we have designed an intuitive application, which makes money transfer extremely easy. We believe that this solution will contribute to the population utilization of bitcoin as a payment currency.

The product entirely supports Bitcoin ideology since there is non-centralized assets storage which minimizes the risk of attracting hackers.

Most similar products in the market offer options for saving security access data on your mobile phone or servers, which is very convenient but insecure since your mobile phone may get lost and unless you’ve backed up data your bitcoins are lost, or your server may get hacked and funds lost forever. There are safer solutions like hardware wallet but not as much convenient since you always need this hardware tool to access your bitcoins.

What makes Tatoshi Wallet different from any other wallet in the market is the very idea of using social community with the wallet as a network that protects your Bitcoins from being lost.

A Bitcoin Wallet does not store the users’ Bitcoins as they are stored in the blockchain. A wallet only stores their ‘Private key’ which is a string of 52 characters, which you use to authorize any transactions with Bitcoins. The person that owns the Private Key has access to the Bitcoins. The private key is only stored on your mobile device. Tatoshi Wallet nor your protectors have at any time access to your private key.

These are some of the main benefits of  Tatoshi Wallet

1. Recovery Functionality for Private Keys

Store your back-up data with your friends & family and use them in case you need to recover your private key. Your Protectors will never have any access to your Bitcoins.

2. Non-custody Storage

You are always in full control of your private key. Nobody except you has ever access to your funds. As there is no centralization of assets, the risk of attracting hackers is minimized.

3. Usability Comparable To Messenger Apps

Designed to be usable for everyone. You do not have to be a tech nerd. Our usability is similar to well-known messenger apps. Sending Bitcoins is as easy as sending a message.

Simple Task is continuing to work on this solution with the client. We plan on developing an Android version and adding more services/functionalities to the software going forward.