Simple Task – a Teaching company

A story about a boy with a toy turning into a man with a robot


As you probably know by now, Simple Task is a relatively small company and some of you may consider that as a minus, but we most definitely don’t! For us, small means that all of us have an opportunity to engage ourselfes in many, not only different, but exciting new projects. We are a group of young and energetic people who love innovation. Making creative ideas come to life is something we strive for. That’s why we are always on the lookout for new opportunities to work on interesting projects.


Our doors are always open to young faces with new ideas. That is why we have an internship program for students. Regarding our internship program, we offer students a chance to work on real and exciting projects. They get to learn about new technologies and work with senior mentors that will pass on their knowledge. That way, we provide students with real work experience that teaches them not only new skills but also (much needed) good work habits.


Some of our interns decided to share their own personal ideas with us and because we found them to be refreshing, we decided to turn their ideas into something bigger. We want to see them come to life and that is why we transformed them into projects.


This time, we would like to introduce you to Nemanja Simić. Nemanja is a third-year computer science student at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad who came to Simple Task as a .NET intern. Little did we know that he had a project of his own that he’d been working on back home. It was a simple toy car that he made out of fun but once he brought it to the office, the potential was clear to us. At first, he intended it to be an electric toy car that could be remotely controlled by a mobile device. We decided to help him elevate his little project into a real one, so we gave him a scholarship.

The idea was to build an autonomous toy car that could be driven to a distance up to 1-2 kilometers with the help of a SIM card that would enable the communication. Later on, we built in a camera and object sensors that would prevent the car from crashing. Also, the plan is to incorporate a GPS device into the car, a gyroscope and a microphone. That way you could select a location on the map and the car would drive itself to the chosen location.


Nemanja named his little robot RASPY.  What makes this project so special is the fact that Nemanja has been working both on the hardware and the software side. The hardware is built on the Raspberry Pi 3 platform and he used various sensors for distance measurement, etc. Apart from that, the software is written in Python and the Android application is used as the car controller.  

We have big plans for this little robot but we can’t reveal them just yet. Follow us to find out what will the outcome look like at the end of this little robot’s metamorphosis.

If you are an innovation junkie like we are, you will love this! 🙂