Kraft Info app

Watch out beer-lovers!

I think that we’ve mentioned like a million times by now how much we appreciate youthful and creative ideas here at Simple Task.
Well, one of our developers got creative, so he started working on his own little project. He developed a mobile app inspired by his love for craft beer.

As you probably know, craft beer became a thing in Serbia only a couple of years ago with only a few breweries in the region. But then the huge expansion happened. It feels like it’s impossible to decide which beer to order at a pub nowadays. So many options but which one to chose? Imported or local? Light or dark? Lager or ale?

Our fellow colleague Filip Bjelobaba (android developer) may just have the answer.

It was about a year ago when Filip first discovered craft beer and it was love at first taste! Since then, he started exploring the magical world of craft beer. Especially the brew scene here in Serbia. That is when he started developing a simple mobile app that will make your beer-loving life easier.

Kraft Info is a mobile app that provides quick and easy access to all of the information you need regarding craft beer here in Serbia. You can learn all about the different kinds and styles of craft beer on our market. You can also find interesting info about our local Serbian breweries and the selection of beer they make. But not only that! You can also find a map on the app which shows all of the pubs in Belgrade and Novi Sad that offer craft beer. Filip also wants to incorporate an event section in the app that will keep you up to date with the latest news in the beer community and the newest upcoming beer festivals and events.

Simple but totally useful!

Get the app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bfilip.kraftinfo


P.S. Filip recommends IPA beer, Dogma brewery and The Skripa pub in Novi Sad. 🙂