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What we do

Custom software development

We have 15+ years of experience in development of complex software solutions. If you need to pick someone’s brains and engage reinforcements then you are at the right place, we have the right skills and knowledge.

Outsourced product development

We live in a fast growing technological world, which requires companies to work full time on developing or updating their technical software. If you don't have a dedicated team, it’s wise to use outsourcing in your software development and continue with your core business processes.

Ecommerce development

We have certified Shopify and Magento developers ready to accept any challenge. We are able to develop the third party integration as well: Order Management, Payment System, Supply Chain Administration and affiliations and success fee programs.

SEO and Social Media Management

We have great experience promoting Small to Medium Business and pushing them all the way to the top of Search Engines Results page in their local market. We'll optimize your website and social media accounts then operate them on your behalf to get your business on the map in no time!

Programming languages


Cms & erp solutions

Why choose us?

Great understanding of technology and experience, and how to put it into service – that’s what we are based on.

Custom Application Development

We offer you a custom application development and a full life-cycle design for a range of platforms, architectures, technologies and devices. With our proven user experience expertise, we’ll work with your users to create applications that will make the most of your investment. We know that resources are always limited, so our goal is to focus on getting the most in return.

Mobiles & Responsive

We have wide experience in mobile application development and we proudly follow all the latest trends in business and consumer-centric mobile applications.

Services Integration

We have proven experience and strengths in consulting and architecture in multi-platform and multi-vendor environments. Whether it’s CRM, e-commerce or other digital service, we can help identify all moving parts and connect them. Data integrity and high performance are guaranteed.

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Front-end Development

The presentation is everything. It is not just how it looks, it is how you use it. Usability is the most important thing, and making things easy to use and intuitive is a crucial part of any software project. Fancy buttons and effects are as important as usability. That’s why we work a lot on front-end development.

Team Leadership

When you don’t have enough time, or when you are not sure how to handle a project, our team of senior engineers with extensive experience working with various technologies, platforms and products is always ready to help you and give you a second opinion about the problem.

Digital Strategy

We are here to help you find the best way for your plans and to understand, plan and roadmap it with our suggestions. Whether you try to build a totally new product, change an existing one or just want to get a second opinion, we are at your service.

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