2nd anniversary in Simple Task – Miloš Zbiljić

We are proud to present you our dear colleague – Miloš Zbiljić. Straight from Dorćol to Simple Task’s office, today is the 2nd anniversary that he is a part of our team! Congrats!  Here’s a short story about him, a developer who always has cool socks and a big smile on his face.

Miloš finished the faculty of economics and engineering management in Belgrade, and after that, he worked on several positions in administration and technical department in the police. He hasn’t found himself in that world, it was too monotonous for him.

Almost 3 years ago, he got in touch with web design and development, when his friend needed some help with his website. He hasn’t finished the website, but he started to learn about it, and from that moment on, he became a part of the IT world.

He first started to explore on his own, by reading different books, articles, watching different tutorials and online courses, and after that he enrolled in a course of Web design in Krojačeva škola, in Belgrade. It was a turning point in his career.

After he finished his 3 months long course, he found out about Simple Task and joined the team. In the beginning, he worked with HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress and Laravel. After that, he continued with PHP. Lately, he is working with Java and Angular. In general, Miloš has worked on 10-15 projects for Simple Task so far.

In the next 2 years, Miloš sees himself as someone with strong knowledge of software development and cutting edge technologies. He will tend to get to know most of the advantages and disadvantages of ongoing technologies.

His advice to others is to step freely into the world of programming and just not to give up despite the difficulties. Yes, it’s true that it sometimes demands a lot of sacrifice and hard work, but it’s definitely worth it. Miloš himself had some moments when he was thinking about quitting, but his curiosity to learn and work more kept him in track. And now, he’s here…

Keep up the good work!